Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Providers (ELP) in Northern California Image

Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Providers (ELP) in Northern California

Shane Eastman – Dave Ramsey Insurance ELP


Nicholas Ayers – Dave Ramsey Insurance ELP


Nicholas Ayers – Dave Ramsey FPU story


Shane Eastman –  Dave Ramsey FPU story


What is an Endorsed Local Provider?

Dave Ramsey’s Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) program consists of a network of reliable and trustworthy local professionals that he refers his listeners and fans to.  ELP’s are held to high standards from the beginning. The process to become an ELP is not an easy one.  Becoming and ELP involves a thorough application and rigorous interview process, Dave’s team makes sure to select professionals who share the same financial principals as they do. After being chosen as an ELP, the professional is required to maintain high customer service scores. Each customer is given the opportunity to review and score the ELP based on their experience thereby keeping the professional in check at all times.

Why i80 Insurance?

We are the endorsed local provider for auto and home insurance servicing Northern California. Shane Eastman has been an avid follower of the Dave Ramsey financial principles since 2008, having administered numerous Financial Peace and Generation Change courses, he has gained solid insight into personal finance and has a passion for assisting people in making wise decisions when it comes to money so it only comes natural for him to become one of Dave’s ELPs. Nicholas Ayers is a graduate of the course, and through the lessons, he was able to pay off a substantial amount of personal debt.  At i80 Insurance you will work with professionals who truly have the ‘heart of a teacher’ and whose primary concern is making insurance fit into your budget without compromising coverage as well as helping you to understand the type of coverage you are paying for.

If you have been through Financial Peace University you know that Dave Ramsey only endorses independent insurance agents. As an independent agent, we are able to shop your insurance among several companies in order to find the company, coverage, and pricing that best fits your needs as a customer. We are truly working for you, not one single company.

One of the other important points Dave addresses in Financial Peace is the importance of having a “guaranteed replacement cost” policy for your home insurance. Very few companies still offer this type of policy and most of the insurance companies you are familiar with do not offer this type anymore.  However, our agency is able to offer “extended replacement cost” policy to our customers which far supersedes the cost of rebuilding your home.

From the moment you call or step into our agency, you will receive expert advice with the ‘heart of a teacher’.  It is our goal that our customers be so thrilled with our service that they consistently refer us to their friends and family, to learn more about the Dave Ramsey Program, Financial Peace University, please contact our office at 707-402-8850 or email us directly at Sales@i80Insurance.com